My infatuation with photography began the minute I picked up my first 35mm camera in 1972, and I have been shooting professionally since that time. My work is typically abstract and minimalist using natural lighting to highlight color and texture.

I was drawn to contemplative photography in 2001. My work is informed by the teachings of the late meditation master, scholar, and artist, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, who came to the United States in the 1970’s. He beautifully summarizes the process when he explains that “ . . . it’s not about recreating the sun but simply removing the clouds”. In essence, it’s about seeing the world as it is.

In order to use the camera to translate this pure perception into a photograph, I use a  minimal amount of gadgetry, using a hand-held digital camera to take a simple exposure of the surrounding natural light. The images are not altered through computer manipulation. In this way, the pictures speak for themselves. Each photograph is presented in its original form — just as I experienced it in that fleeting moment.

I spend much of my time simply looking and seeing. The specific moment in time takes on a crucial importance. Using the camera as my tool, I share the sense of wonder, curiosity, joy and magic that I experience along the way.

There is a simple fascination to the world that most of us never see. Through my photography, I invite you to momentarily separate yourself from the frenzied outside world and enter a more calming, peaceful and contemplative realm.


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